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Our business model

Is an ecosystem building stronger, healthier, more resilient communities while meeting the real-world challenges of malnutrition and disease.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To be a leader in fulfilling the world-wide demand for a much-needed, high-quality, organic Moringa while upholding a commitment to regenerative principles and practices supporting the health and wellbeing of people and planet. 

To empower and support optimum health and wellbeing at all levels of product involvement from the people who plant the seeds, to the

end-users, and investors wanting to make a difference in the world.


Our Team

Our team is gathering, each attracted by our mission, vision and the grand landscape of the project. Meet our impressive team of experts and visionaries.

Wayne David Klein

Founder & CEO

Maruja Mendoza Lennon

Operations Manager
Plant Cultivation

Wayne David Klein is a visionary entrepreneur with a keen insight into people, plants, and systems. At a young age on the streets of Nottinghamshire, England, Wayne was learning the skills it takes to organize a business. By the time he was 23 years old he had successfully melded his passion for medicinal plants and making money. His sensitivity to the plant and what it needed to grow optimally allowed him to produce a high-quality product rapidly. His business savvy took the business to the next level quickly earning him a six figure income.


Wayne went on to start other successful businesses, and one that was not, a construction company in Portugal. It was then that life handed him an opportunity to re-evaluate his life. 

Maruja Mendoza grew up in the Philippines, and can’t remember a time in her life where she didn’t have a Moringa tree growing in her yard. She has a deep respect and love for its medicinal properties and is a wealth of information on its cultivation and uses.


After studying at the Asian Computer Institute of Technology, Maruja worked 10 years in high-end real estate, where she enjoyed working with people and building supportive, trusting relationships.  She also speaks fluent Filipino, English, limited Spanish and Chinese, and conversational Portuguese. 

Manuel Enrique Sibaja Araujo

Farm Development 

Roy Estrada Baltodano

Farm Project 

Manuel Sibaja has 46 years’ experience as an Agronomist and Agricultural Engineer with an impressive career. Manuel was General Manager at MELONIC SA responsible for the redesign, development, leveling and production of 2,200 Hectares of rice in Nicaragua and developing the brand, Tio Pelon. In Costa Rica, he was Farm Manager for Sabila Industrial S.A. subsidiary of Carrington Laboratories INC and responsible for the design, development, production and export of 50 Hectares of Aloe Vera for the USA pharmaceutical industry. He then became General Manager/Organization Manager for the construction, equipment installation of the industrial plant process, which was endorsed and regulated by the USDA and FDA. 


Manuel lives in Liberia, Guanacaste and is initially consulting Oceans of Moringa on land development and irrigation.

Roy is a life-long resident of Liberia, Guanacaste and well-connected businessman, who knows how to make things happen. Early on Roy was a mechanical engineer, but his entrepreneurial spirit led the way to the U.S. for 6 years, where he began importing cars, trucks and farm equipment to Costa Rica. This gave him the capital to purchase land and he eventually developed a successful adventure tourism business in Guanacaste that’s been running for 20+ years. 

His love of Wayne’s mission and vision inspired him to join-in early as a liaison into the world of Liberia. Going forward Roy will play a key role in managing the initial project development and the many logistical details. Like we said, Roy knows how to make things happen!

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