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Dream-Intention-Reality: Miracles never cease


Introducing our Farm Project

From the seed of a vision, to the land and the plan

Back Story

Farm Plan

Wayne continued

In 2019 Wayne moved to Costa Rica and started on a spiritual healing journey that triggered a prolonged dark night of the soul. He had lost himself and started asking, ‘What am I passionate about? What’s my purpose? What am I here for?’ After a week of meditation and deep inquiry, Moringa, the Tree of Life came to him in a dream. 

The next morning, his friend Maruja Mendoza in Portugal called him for the first time in 3 or 4 years. In the course of conversation she mentions, “I have a Moringa farm”. From that point on, Wayne didn’t waste any time. He purchased 2,500 moringa seeds, Costa Rican and Filipino, and began planting. 

Thus, Oceans of Moringa was born. Wayne was back on track melding his love of medicinal plants and business, however this time it was empowered by purpose and the vision of producing something the world really needs, while being of service to a greater good.  

Maruja continued

In 2012 Maruja moved to Portugal with her husband, where she first met Wayne. When Maruja’s husband became sick, she started to grow moringa to help with his illness. This eventually blossomed into an 11 hectare moringa project that Maruja developed and managed. She and Wayne maintained a distant friendship over the years, checking in from time to time… Until the timely phone call in 2019 that catalyzed the “Tree of Life” dream Wayne had the night before!


From that point on, growing moringa with the idea of helping others and giving back became a shared passion. In October 2021, the corporation purchased a perfect piece of land, where magic and miracles will be happening in the next few years!

Our 119 hectare Moringa farm will be the largest and first in Costa Rica to produce for global export.


Oceans of Moringa worked with a Costa Rican agroforester to identify the perfect region for cultivating Moringa. An area similar to Moringa’s native climate and soil conditions in the Philippines, India and South Africa.

Our land has never been farmed before, and the soil composition couldn’t be any better for growing Moringa. Coming directly from a volcano, our pristine water source flows through the property and is a back-up water source for Liberia, the capital city of Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica.


Our goal is to rapidly expand production within 6 years to plant 1000 hectares of Moringa by aligning with local, disadvantaged farmers.  


Our immediate goal is to plant 1.8 million Moringa trees on our farm within the first 3 years. There’s a lot to do in preparation for planting, and we have the team to get it done quickly within 6 months. 


Initial Moringa Leaf Cultivation


Moringa is a prolific grower! First harvest happens approximately 5 months after planting. After the initial harvest, trees may be harvested every 2 months. To give an idea of what that looks like, here is the plan.

Year 1

  • We will plant 780,000 trees on 13 hectares

  • 1 tree produces 1 kilo of fresh Moringa leaf per harvest

  • 4 kilos of Moringa leaf produces 1 kilo of dried Moringa powder 

  • 6 harvests a year = 780,000 kilos of Moringa powder         


Year 2 

  • 39 hectares will be under cultivation

  • 6 harvests a year = 2,340,000 kilos of Moringa powder


Rapid expansion over a 6 year period will be facilitated by the creation of franchise contracts with local disadvantaged farmers barely making a living raising cattle. Included in the franchise contracts will be the education of farmers on regenerative agricultural practices and growing Moringa, all seeds needed, and more than fair payment for fresh Moringa leaves that Oceans of Moringa will then dry, process and ship.


Our Model of Quality

The world is in need of a high-quality, organic, nutrient-dense superfood supporting the natural intelligence of our miraculous bodies that already know how to restore and heal, if given the optimum support. 


Right now much of the world-wide production of Moringa is not high-quality or organic. Our focus on attaining Moringa’s highest potential as a superfood, along with our commitment to regeneration at all levels of production is integral to the quality model we are creating. 


Here’s how we will set ourselves apart from the rest.

Enhancing Soil Quality 

with Biochar 

Improving Quality

Respecting & Enhancing the Plant Environment

Moringa is a nitrogen-fixing plant that has a symbiotic relationship with bacteria. Their roots are colonized by certain bacteria that extract nitrogen from the air and convert or “fix” it into a form required for their growth. When the bacteria are done with the nitrogen, it becomes available for plant growth. 


To enhance this naturally occurring process and the quality of our Moringa, we will initially purchase bio-char to begin amending our soil. In the future the company will put in place our own biochar oven. 


Bio-char is a special kind of charcoal used as a soil amendment. It boosts soil fertility and its ability to withstand droughts or floods. It minimizes need for fertilization and irrigation. Bio-char rids the soil of heavy metals and pollutants and provides habitat for beneficial microorganisms. It increases soil health and permeability. It reduces soil acidity, nutrient leaching and improves water quality.


Bio-char regenerates and rejuvenates soil health continually over time and naturally enhances and supports healthy plant growth and harvests. Unlike present day farming practices that contribute to global warming, this special carbon/charcoal takes CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and sequesters them in the soil for centuries.  

Oceans of Moringa recognizes there is an energetic component to optimum growth of healthy plants. To this end, we are placing a focus on creating the most favorable growing conditions for the Moringa plant by supporting the most favorable environment for our employees; and especially the women, who will contribute daily to the growing and nurturing of the plants. 


The majority of our employees working directly with the plants will be single women and mothers from the poorest area in Costa Rica, living in a settlement on the outskirts of Liberia. They will receive a real living wage, uplifting them out of poverty and showing them appreciation for their strength and nurturance. We will also build a school and daycare on the premises for their children, so all may thrive in the best possible environment. 


A company cafeteria and store will be provided and subsidized, so employees and their families have access to affordable healthy food. In this supportive environment both men and women will impart their heart energy into the cultivation and processing of our/their/your Moringa.

Microbiology - 6.jpg

Assuring Quality with 

Microbiological Testing

Enhancing Quality with 

Solar Drying

Our company is committed to submitting each harvest of Moringa to the University of Costa Rica to test the microbiological content in order to assure the highest quality product. This test includes scanning for any possible E.Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, total platelet counts of yeast, mold, and any heavy metals that could severely compromise the quality. 

Beyond quality of soil and water, a determining factor in quality of Moringa products is the method of drying. Solar dryers assure the plant retains its full nutrient profile for up to 3 years. It also helps prevent contamination that sometimes occurs with the shade dried process.


This method is highly desired and preferred by advanced buyers, and very few farms around the world use this process to dry their Moringa. 


Summation of Quality

We believe our comprehensive vision of quality will create the world-wide recognition and demand for our product; and secure our reputation for producing an outstanding anticancer, immune boosting superfood grown in Costa Rica with a socially-responsible model.  


Oceans of Moringa is committed to uplifting our communities and building resilience, as this will have a direct impact on the energy of our product, employees and all aspects of our production. We feel a real passion for this next level of quality and are excited to begin!

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