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“Heal the World
Make It a Better Place”

Enhance your experience


Now more than ever the world needs miracles

Truly regenerative systems that support the planet and humanity for a greater good, a business model that has its roots in the very soil that feeds the human spirit. 

Oceans of Moringa  

our company

Since 2019

Oceans of Moringa believes in the miracles each of us participates in every day. 


Our company is based in Costa Rica with 119 hectares of pristine land perfect for growing, the Miracle Tree, Moringa Oleifera. 


Really, miracles aren’t separate from us. Our bodies are miraculous, self-organizing and regenerating systems. We are embedded in a miraculous, self-organizing planet, embedded further still in an even more miraculous self-organizing universe.  


Whether it’s the community of trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi communicating in the environment of our body, or in the vast intelligence of the natural ecosystem of our precious planet, both ecosystems work regeneratively in community for the sustainability of the greater whole. It’s a design that permeates the entire universe.


Oceans of Moringa is actually a call to realign with the Miracle of Life Itself, through life-regenerating, life-affirming, and life-honoring principles of Nature and the Cosmos. 


It’s a foundational model for our times, for all systems, because it’s efficient, effective and harmoniously aligned with the natural design of our body, our planet and the infinite intelligence of a miraculous universe. 

Meet the Miracle Tree aka: Tree of Life, Moringa.


The Moringa tree is one of the world’s most useful plants and has the highest nutritional contents of any plant known. Every part of the tree has different therapeutic properties, uses and effectiveness.

  • Therapeutic for auto-immune and metabolic disorders

  • Anti-inflammatory and effective against Covid-19

  • An immune-boosting superfood 

  • Fights infectious diseases

  • Antiseptic and analgesic

  • Purifies polluted water

  • Anti-cancer

Oleifera Aka

miracle tree



Another miracle
Money really does grow on trees

Making money while supporting and honoring life-affirming principles for the greater good of humanity and planet is win/win at every level.

Ready to dive deeper into the Oceans of Moringa?

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